At DOGMA each pup receives a rich and fulfilling daycare experience. We cater to your pup’s energy levels and social needs. Some dogs like to play all day and be challenged, while others want to be held and get belly rubs. We recognize every pup’s individual needs.

Daycare Questions?  Our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page is super informative.

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Our two story facility sports big windows to let your dogs take in New York’s hustle and bustle. Our staffers interact with pups and let dogs play with each other. During morning hours toys are introduced. We take each pup out for a 10 minute relief walk, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, weather permitting. In the afternoons pups love to sun bathe while resting from a busy day of play and socializing. Crates are available for feedings and naps. We offer daily activities. DOGMA believes that smart New York dogs need to be challenged and engaged. Our Agility Play Groups and other classes offer that and more.


We pride ourselves that our employees know and love dogs. Our experienced staffers can sense each dog’s temperament and comfort level. Understanding the discerning New York client and their pups needs is DOGMA’s forte.



DOGMA pups get the opportunity to socialize and develop lasting friendships.
Our program aims to enrich your pups daycare experience.

Energy Levels

Dogs are grouped by temperament and/or size. Groups of like minded dogs make for a more fulfilling experience. We Recognize that not all dogs are the same or play the same.

Toys & Challenges

Unlike other daycares, where interactions and toys are discouraged. We carefully introduce toys throughout the day for a rich experience.

Outside Walks

Each pup gets to walk in a pack for a relief walk, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, weather permitting. Additional power walks are available upon request.

Treats, Puzzles & Kongs

Challenging a dog’s mind keeps them fulfilled and Engaged dogs are happy dogs!

Room with a view

Dogs love to lounge in front of our windows and take in New York City’s street life.

Pack Leaders

Our human pack leaders are true dog lovers. DOGMA is proud to have experienced and trained pack leaders. We treat each dog as if it were our own.

Play & Pause

We promote safe play with each dog. If a pup does not self regulate, our staff will suggest a break from play, a private walk outside or perhaps a nap.

Crate Free Space

DOGMA is a crate free environment, unless dogs are being fed or need a private nap for some downtime. Additional crating services are available upon request.


Meet & Greet

DOGMA requires an initial Meet & Greet.  During the Meet & Greet your pup will be with us for a few hours.  (you get to enjoy some parent alone time)  It gives DOGMA the opportunity to observe your pup in an open group environment without you present. Meet & Greets are not complementary.

Meet & Greet times:

  • Monday-Friday 12PM-4PM.
  • Minimum three hours maximum six hours.
  • The cost is $46 for any size dog

Vaccination Records

Please provide up to date vaccination records. Simply upload them to your DOGMA portal, or email them to:

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHPP)

Your pup must be spayed / neutered if older than seven months

Feedings & Medication

DOGMA can feed your pup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  If you need us to feed your pup, please leave instructions when booking daycare in your DOGMA portal. Feeding and Medicine administration fees apply.

  • There are times when dogs are not in the mood to eat. However, we do set aside time and effort guiding the dogs to eat per your instructions.
  • DOGMA offers dry and/or wet food house food. Food, feeding and med administration fees apply.
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DOGMA’s enrichment program provides a fulfilling experience for all dogs

Overnight Boarding

New York City never sleeps but our DOGMA pups love to get their beauty rest after a day of play and stimulation. 24/7 Overnight staff is always in attendance.

Day Care

Daycare & daily enrichment programs in our spacious facilities for your pup to explore and make new friends with.

Agility & Socialization Playgroups

Our popular Agility Training and Playgroups challenge New York City’s pups. Engaged dogs display calmer and more fulfilled behavior.

Dog Walking

Choose from short to longer group walks or private walks DOGMA staff can pick up / drop off your pup from your home during business hours.

Grooming & Spa

Experience our master groomers artistic skills. Consistent maintenance makes for healthier shinier coats, good breath, and a good smelling pup.

Absolute Dog Training

You have pup, now what? Our trainers give you the tools and skills to be a perfect dog parent. Your pup deserves a rich life experience.


Grooming & Spa

Over 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Grooming & Spa

Over 40 lbs

Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours


Half Day, Less than six hours





DOGMA prides itself that it offers an dog enrichment daycare program.  We strive to enrich the pups’ stay here with programs that challenges their body, mind and souls.  Unlike other daycares, we do encourage dog on dog play.  We also introduce toys, bubbles and balls and our human pack leaders play with the dogs.

We also offer additional services such as Agility Playgroups, Advanced Agility Training, Puppy Socialization, 2 Hour Power Walks,  and Treadmill Runs.

Our clients, appreciate the option of enrolling their pups into an added service to round up their dogs stay with DOGMA.

Yes. In order to use DOGMA services, you and your pup(s) need to have an account. It is easy, just hit this GET STARTED button and you are on your way.

0 packs with 1 complementary day.
20 pack with 3 complementary days.
Sibling dogs can share one package and enjoy a some complementary days.

We are open 24/7/365. We always have night staff with our overnight dogs.

Our business hours for daycare, grooming and classes are:

Monday-Friday: 7:30am-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm

Yes, we have live streaming access directly through your DOGMA portal. Check out what your pup is doing directly when your pup is checked in. Cameras are available Monday-Saturday 11am-4pm.


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